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February Picking the Right Size Pig
February The Feed Bucket

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Welcome To Pets-n-Projects!

Pets-n-Projects is a market animal resource website for novice to intermediate showmen and their families.   We strive to be the “go-to-site” for practical, trusted, & easy to find information on raising livestock projects for show.  Find topics about animal selection, building the right pen, feeding, grooming, showing, training, and common health issues.
“It is our goal to present clear and honest information on livestock, services, products, and strategies from industry experts and experienced showmen!

“There may be 10 ways to do something right…but there are a 100 ways to do it wrong!”  

With this motto, we want to help eliminate the “wrong ways” by bringing informative articles of quality products, animals and services.  With our business partners, we strive to develop our livestock communities knowledge base regarding great livestock, products, and services.

Always for your Kids & Animals!

Donna Martinez, Founder

1st Time Parents & Showmen - How To Get Started

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