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The foundation of Pets-n-Projects began from 14+ years of showing livestock and leading clubs.  Over the years, it became apparent that there was a missing livestock resource where novice to intermediate kids and their families could find easy to read articles on raising livestock.   Over the years many lessons were learned and we realize how important it is to share those experiences in hopes of preventing them in the future!  It is never easy to see the disappointment on a kids’ face over a mistake that could have been avoided or fixed.  We want to bring together proven methods shared and supported by experts!  It is the intent of Pets-n-Projects to provide:

Information & Access

“Clear & Easy to Read Information”  Pets-N-Projects is a one-stop shop for “How To” articles and connections to experts for your pets and livestock projects.  Whether this is your first year or seventh year showing a livestock project, Pets-n-Projects can give you tips, techniques & advice to improve your experience in raising a project successfully.  Having quick access to clear, easy to read information can make the difference in developing new skills and improving your livestock experience.

Positive Experiences

“Every Year it’s a Lesson!”  Each year raising and showing a market project is a lesson learned!  Even the most experienced person will tell you that there is always something to learn and improve upon.  We’re here to provide you with information, stories and lessons learned.  It’s how we develop experience!  We hope to help you avoid common pitfalls that degrade the livestock experience!

“There may be 10 ways to do something right…but there are a 100 ways to do it wrong!”

We understand that there may be several methods to find success and we’re here to help you discover which method suits you in raising a project.  If you find yourself dealing with an illness, weight issue or other situation, we will be there to help you find an answer and have a successful outcome!   By bringing stories and interviews of people who are finding success in the ring, we hope to shed light on methods that can improve your skills!

Successful Project Planning

“Planning & Selecting Good Resources” For first-year livestock families, Pets-n-Projects can help you plan and evaluate the available resources in your area to successfully raise a project.  Having access to good information can help reduce stress.

“More information = Better Experience”

Each year, non-livestock families have their child come home from school announcing that they want to raise a livestock market project like their friend at school.  For these inexperienced livestock parents, this can certainly ring alarms!  As a parent, Pets-n-Projects’ information and format will help you understand the basics required to set up and raise a market project successfully.   The goal is to have a positive experience for everyone involved!  This is where the best lessons are learned and timely and correct information helps to achieve this goal.  If your child shows one species for a few years and then switches to another, this can also be a source of stress!  But it doesn’t have to be.  Pets-n-Projects is geared to show you by species steps on pen setups, project selection, ideal equipment, training, showing, health issues, and feeding strategies.  All topics are backed up by experts and experienced showmen.

Current Professional News & Advice

Pets-n-Projects will showcase informative interviews with Breeders, Feed Manufacturers, Product Specialist, Top Showmen, Veterinarians, Teachers and Club Leaders.  We will strive to deliver relevant and current information as another way to help your livestock experience.

Website Structure and Organization

Pets-n-Projects is organized to deliver information by “How-To” Articles by Species with sub-categories of that address Pen Setup, Selection, Feeding, Health, Training and Showmanship.  All resources available can be narrowed down to region, species or product category to make things easier to research. The Activities Calendar, Breeder & Professional Directory can also be viewed by region for your shopping needs.  The Market Corner will showcase top businesses to purchase anything and everything related to you and your livestock project.  We’ll bring you the latest sales to give you the best opportunity to meet your project needs!

Electronic Information & Apps at your Fingertips!

Pets-n-Projects is accessible on your smartphone for quick and easy access to information.  Because we know how important it is to quickly find the correct information to answer to your problem.  Sometimes it’s the “ruling out issues” that get you to the solution!

I believe that raising livestock brings experiences that cannot be learned in the home or classroom.  Invaluable lessons such as responsibility, planning, management, assessment, training, showing, showmanship, grooming, selling, marketing, competing, winning, losing, making money, losing money, budgeting, making friends, controlling nerves, and many other life skills!  After helping many kids with this process, I have watched them blossom and develop into great young adults.  It’s such a worthy process and I hope we can help you! My husband Art & I have been married since 1984 and have 3 children, Haley, Taylor & Blake who showed animals at the Santa Barbara County Fair in California.  The benefits of raising livestock for your child is far reaching and it is worth your time and effort to involve your kids in this program.  I will never tire of hearing the many stories of kids & families growing in their community from this experience!

Always for your Kids & Animals!

Donna Martinez, Founder

Donna Martinez, Founder

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