Mendez Family Collage 1

Mendez Collage 2

Mendez the Win

Mendez SBCF Supreme and Grand Champion Lamb 2019

Mendez Round Robin Competition

Mendez Reserve Supreme at Cow Palace

Mendez Raising Lambs

mendez Rachels saying go bye to a eww

mendez Rachels first year showing

Mendez Rachels doe 2015

Mendez Rachel with Justina Moses

Mendez Rachel Handshake

Mendez Rachel at Western Bonanza

Mendez Rachel at 6

Mendez Josh and Rachel competing

Mendez Josh and Rachel competing again

Mendez Rachel at 5 with Mom Stephanie and Dad Kevin Pee Showmanship Winner

Mendez Rachel and Nikki Pet moment

Mendez Rachel and Nikki Ewe

Mendez Rachel 2012 Supreme Grand Champion Goat

Mendez Josh and Mojo

Mendez Josh and Miles Mankin

Mendez Josh 9 at Cow Palace Donkey the wether

Mendez Home Grown Lamb

mendez Getting the win from the judge

Mendez Fun times with goat named Karma

Mendez Cow Palace Win with Black Ice

Mendez Arizona 2013 Showmanship Champion

Mendez 2019 Supreme Grand Champion Lamb

Mendez 2015 Denver Show

Mendez 2014 Supreme and Grand Champion Market Pig

Mendez 2013 Ryans Grand Champion goat

Mendez 2013 Grand Champion Wether

Mendez 1st Supreme Champion Goat for Rachel at 9 yrs