The foundation of Pets-n-Projects began from 14+ years of showing livestock and leading clubs.  Over the years, it became apparent that there was a missing livestock resource where novice to intermediate kids and their families could find it easy to read the information on raising & showing livestock.   Many lessons were learned and I realized how important it is to share those experiences in hopes of preventing them in the future!  It is never was easy to see the disappointment on a kids’ face over a mistake that should have been avoided or fixed.  I want to bring together proven methods shared and supported by the industry experts!  As both a parent of 3 show kids and a leader to many more great kids in my community, I felt it was time to share the knowledge!  I want each showman and their family to have:


Positive Experiences –  I always understood that there were several successful methods for raising a project animal & I want to help kids eliminate the most common mistakes.  Every one of my club kids heard me say  “Remember…Every Year it’s a lesson!” & “There may be 10 ways to do something right…but there are 100 ways to do it wrong!”  These mottoes were intended to teach them to see problems and issues as an opportunity to learn and develop new skills in livestock animal management!

Planning & Selecting Quality Resources – PnP can help you plan and evaluate the available resources in your area to successfully raise a project animal.  Having access to good information & quality resources can eliminate many problems.  Simply put,  More information = Better Experience.

Current Professional News & Advice – PnP will share informative interviews with Feed Manufacturers, Breeders, Product Specialist, Veterinarians, Top Showmen, Teachers, and Leaders.  Delivering relevant and current information is another way to develop your livestock animal experience.

“Always for Your Animals” – This closing was another motto that my kids heard a lot!  My intention is to remind the kids to take care of their animals first!  Even an animal destined for processing should be taken care of like a pet.  Cowboy Code states that your animals are fed and watered before you eat yourself.   As a showman, we should practice good animal husbandry and sportsmanship.  Everything we do in livestock management is Always for your Animals!  They rely solely on us to care for their needs and this is one of the greatest lessons for our kids to learn.  I do hope that you gain a better understanding of raising livestock animals and enjoy this endeavor!

Always for Your Kids & Animals,

Donna Martinez, Founder


Donna with Laci & “Super-Duper Cooper” 2019

Donna’s Bio:

Born and raised on the central coast of California, animals & rodeo have always been near and dear to her heart.  Donna has owned backyard horses since she was 17 and currently owns two horses.  She has owned a few different breeds of working and herding dogs that include Aussie crosses, German Shepherds and Belgian Shepherds.  Her husband was honored to be a police k9 handler and their Belgians were narcotic trained detection dogs. She has worked in the Aerospace industry at Vandenberg Air Force Base since she was 18 as well as a 7-year stint as a stockbroker and financial adviser.  Besides her love of family & animals, she has been singing at her church since 2002. She and her husband Art have been married since 1984 and have one daughter and twin boys.  As a family, they have all participated in music, animals, sports and showing livestock.

It wasn’t until her daughter turned nine that the market livestock animal experience really kicked in. She joined the local 4H club to show a market lamb. It was there they were introduced to Boer market goats…that’s where the love kicked in! Many goats and breeding doe’s later, her daughter and twin boys showed goats, sheep, turkeys, broiler chickens, rabbits, and the boys finished off with market pigs. After a year or two as a 4H parent, Donna felt the need to become a livestock show team leader. It was there as a leader that she championed for all the kids in her club as well as other kids in her community. She felt strongly that the kid’s livestock animal experience would have a profound lifetime effect and this role was not taken lightly. Those values that she identified early on have never changed. To see kids, develop so many life skills not learned in the classroom is truly rewarding. “The kids really blossom when they are given the right atmosphere to learn with easy to understand information followed by consistent practice.” The experience was great, and it inspired Pets-n-Projects. Her future goals are to expand the species categories to include dogs, horses, and poultry…or anything you’d put in your backyard!